Welcome to SafeEther

Decentralized application on Ethereum platform

Decentralized applications (Ðapps) - your small step into the world of Blockchain technologies.

SefeEther is a Ðapp for keeping your personal data in the Ethereum blockchain. Now you can link your email with the address of your ETH wallet and save it into the blockchain. As such, email address will be a unique identifier for your data in the Ethereum blockchain. For now you can save only the address of your wallet but soon you will be able to store in the blockchain any other data.

Follow few simple steps to sign-up:
Step 1
Create an Account.
Step 2
Confirm email via verification code.
Step 2.5
Make a payment of 0.01 ETH to a smart contract by the address 0x4316f5f552db8a4b15123e10a4eeac879d9044e7.
Step 3
Link your ETH wallet address with your email and store it into the blockchain.
Step 4
Verify your data online or via site API.